And Kubuntu to you too . . .

Just by way of a laugh – and a test for the writer – this blog is being written using Kubuntu the KDE Distro from Ubuntu. I downloaded the *iso file and burned it to disc but although the disc loaded up satisfactorily it would not proceed to the next stage which is to give you the choice between “Try” and “Install”. I then discovered that Linux Mint comes with a built in USB writer, so I wrote the Kubuntu *iso image to the USB (all new stuff to me), rebooted from the USB and here we are successfully it seems, running Kubuntu as a trial.

I do not think I shall install it just yet – although it looks very good – because when I have tried it in the past it has always defeated me at various points. But I will use the USB stick to try it out from time to time and familiarize myself with it, and with its possibilities.

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