Kubuntu again . . .

Having posted about trying out Kubuntu, and having tried it once or twice using the trial facility I decided to “go for it” and so this machine – a Lenovo B50-80 laptop now has Kubuntu fully installed, by which I mean it occupies the whole disc, and is not a dual boot set up. I am very pleased with it. It has a clean interface in pleasant colours and all the programmes a user like me is ever going to need. Computeractive magazine urged its readers to try and to use the Brave Browser and that runs nicely on here. In place of IrfanView on Windows there is Gwenview, Thunderbird provides a good clear email client, but for those who want to try native software there is Kmail, and for those who like a bit more of a Personal Information Manager there is the Evolution suite. When I am doing Family History and want a screen shot of a register’s page, there is the built in Spectacle software. So at the moment, although I still take Computeractive, all its advice aimed at Windows users (of which I have been one for many years) becomes a bit redundant and its main use now lies in its new equipment reviews and general computer tips.

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